Therapod Contemporary Ergo

The most popular of our Therapod™ office chairs, the Contemporary Therapod™ is specifically designed to be durable and capable of heavy-duty usage

Rated for 24/7 environments, the Contemporary can be optioned to handle a user-weight of up to 130kg. Optional mechanisms for lightweight users are available.

As the chair can be specifically set-up to suit the back shape of each individual user, it is ideal for sufferers of pre-existing back-pain.


Therapod™ Contemporary Ergo Specification Sheet

Weight Rating

  • 130 Kg


  • 5 Years Synchro – 8 hour usage per day, 5 days per week
  • 10 Years Ergo – 8 hour usage per day, 5 days per week


  • H3 Adjustable Headrest
  • Adjustable T Arms
  • Adjustable Loop Arms
  • Multi-Function Arms
  • Pressure Lock or Release Castors
  • Manual Trigger Lock Castors
  • GEL TEQ™ (M, L, XL) seat sizes
  • Comfort Plus (M, L, XL) seat sizes
  • Deep/Wide Seat
  • Deep/Wide Seat + VTEQ Overlay
  • Extra Long Seat
  • Extra Long Seat + VTEQ Overlay
  • Seat Slide (adds 60mm to seat depth). Applicable to selected seats.
  • Seat size customization
  • Polished 5 Star Base