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The following pages contain useful information on the features and benefits of the Therapod system, the construction of our office furniture and the materials used.

Creating an Optimum Working Environment

The need to sit slightly reclined.

There are three main problems associated with extended periods of sitting, based on scientific evidence and research:

  1. The effect of back inclination on pressures on the lumbar spine.
  2. The effect of lumbar support on the pressures on the lumbar spine.
  3. The effect of seat pressure and its association with back inclination and lumbar support.

Chart A. highlights the effect of different positions on the load of the lumbar disk. As can be seen when the back is relaxed, there is the least amount of pressure on the lumbar region.

Chart B. indicates that muscle activity in the back decreases significantly, the further the back is positioned past 90°.

Chart C. explores the effect of increasing back inclination, allied with increased lumbar support, and highlights the dramatic reduction of pressure on the lumbar spine when both are combined together.

The current Worksafe Victoria “Officewise – A Guide to Health & Safety in the Office” refers to “A slight backwards tilt of the backrest” as being the preferred positioning for ergonomic seating. This is because the “force on the lower back is reduced”.

Ergonomists and other healthcare professionals acknowledge that the following 3 key elements prevent and relieve back pain:

  1. A total contact back-support system.
  2. A seat which allows good pressure distribution.
  3. A mechanism which facilitates for correct positioning; ideally one which is slightly reclined.

Finding the right solution.

A combination of these three factors has made Therapod the only ‘complete’ seating solution currently available. Therapod is an Australian designed and patented product, manufactured and distributed worldwide.

1. Total Contact Back Support System

The Therapod posture-support system has been designed to provide total contact for all back shapes. As all backs are not the same, and support levels are individual, having a system which can be customized for total contact is essential. The Therapod posture support is the only fully adjustable system in the world.

2. Seat which allows good pressure distribution

Research shows conclusively that a poorly designed seat – including some with dual density foams – may have poor pressure-distribution patterns and ultimately increase lumbar-disc pressure.

Our multi-layer seat technology (‘Bodyform’) and our VTEQ™ (visco elastic) seats working in conjunction with both the Therapod back system and the mechanism provide superior pressure distribution, whilst reducing lumbar spine pressures.

3. A Mechanism which allows for correct positioning

It is vital to select a mechanism for a chair to suit your specific requirements.
Chart C (on opposite page) highlights the importance of back inclination in relation to lumbar spine pressures.

Our recommendation is for that of a synchronized mechanism which will follow you as you move back and forth throughout your working environment.

What is Gel-TEQ™

The Gel-Teq™ cushion has been designed and developed in Australia and has rapidly become the leading advancement in seating technologies.

It is an all-new chemical compound that is neither memory foam, nor visco-elastic foam.

Our aim was to create a seat which offered 100% contact with the shape of any user, and which would readjust each time that user shifted in their chair.

It is always our philosophy to provide fully dynamic seating designs, and our target was to create a cushion which would be as flexible in its movement as the rest of the chair.

We worked closely with design engineers and industrial chemists to create this concept, and undertook market trials in late 2012 in order to gain feedback from as wide a range of different users, in many different working conditions.

These trials took place in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Perth.

Clients were asked to trial the new Gel-Teq cushion in comparison to two other styles of seat, and we received an overwhelming response in favour of the new style.

This unique hybrid foam combines the properties of Visco-Elastic foam and Gel to create a seat which moulds itself to the precise shape of the user, and cradles the pelvis to assist them to maintain an optimum seating posture for extended periods.

A good office chair should not just be comfortable when sat on for the first few minutes; it should continue to be comfortable for the entire day.

That is the difference between a soft foam and supportive foam.

Furthermore, the chair should be designed to aid the user to maintain a posture which will assist in the prevention of any new back-related injury from occurring.

Gel-Teq™ responds to the movements of the user, and as they do move throughout their working environment – immediately the foam re-calibrates itself to the new posture.

By maintaining a correct posture throughout the day, not only is the risk of injury minimised, blood circulation is maximised – as to is productivity.

The foam has been developed with longevity in mind – which is why we are able to offer a TEN YEAR WARRANTY.

Many chair manufacturers combine different types and/or  grades of foams and make claims as to the healthcare benefits of having done so….Gel-Teq™ is an all-new hybrid platform that creates one balanced technology.

We believe that there is a simple test; try the chair for an hour – and you will not give it back……..EVER!

VTEQ Foam.

Visco elastic foam was originally developed by NASA as a solution for ensuring that bodyweight and temperature were evenly distributed throughout the seats of their astronauts.

Since that time, this advanced foam has been widely used throughout the healthcare industry as a pressure-care solution in bedding, wheelchair cushions etc.

Our unique range of pelvic and posture support seat technology now use an amazing Gel and Visco foam, providing 100% support as the seat draws heat away from the user, and softens / molds itself to the precise shape of the person in the chair.
The even distribution of pressure throughout the surface of the seat, significantly reduces the level of pressure which normally resides directly under the ischial tuberosities or the ‘sitting bones’ as they are referred to.
It is these two bones which support the entire bodyweight when we are seated.

By removing pressure from beneath them, we also minimize the cause of circulatory problems, pressure sores and back pain.

Approximately 75% of the user’s weight is supported by just 8% of their body weight.

Yet, with our VTEQ foam in place, the pressure of the user’s body is transferred throughout the entire surface of the seat cushion.
Less pressure and enhanced long-term comfort is then achieved.
Independent pressure mapping testing has proven VTEQ to be a true ergonomic seating solution.
The combination of VTEQ foam, a total contact back support and a mechanism which facilitates correct positioning, equates to a chair that is part of an optimal working environment…

Refer figure B.

When you are not supported correctly, many of the muscles in your back have to work overtime to maintain the alignment of the spine. With your spine maintained in its natural position, pressure points are reduced and you are taking a proactive approach to improved back health. Within a few short moments of being seated, as the cushion draws heat away from the body, the VTEQ foam has softened considerably, and molded to your unique body shape.

Refer figure C.

If you sit regularly for 40 minutes or longer, then a VTEQ seat is for you. In this time, your body will benefit from the pressure-relief properties that VTEQ offers. Ultimately, any person using an ergonomic chair, and who cares about correct posture, the prevention of back issues, or the relief of back pain should all consider VTEQ.

small / medium seats

Flat G2

W 480mm x D 440mm

Flat G2

W 500mm x D 460mm

Comfort Plus

W 490mm x D 460mm

Classic / Classic VTEQ

W 490mm x D 450mm

Classic Coccyx

W 510mm x D 460mm

medium / large seats

Flat G2

W 520mm x D 480mm


W 520mm x D 470mm

Comfort Plus

W 520mm x D 480mm

Original Bodyform

W 525mm x D 480mm

Bodyform Coccyx

W 550mm x D 500mm


W 510mm x D 465mm

large / extra large seats


W 570mm x D 500mm

Bodyform / Bodyform VTEQ™

W 525mm x D 480mm

Deep-Wide Seat

W 560mm x D 540mm

Comfort Plus

W 550mm x D 500mm

Extra Long Seat

W 540mm x D 550mm

Deep Wide

W 560mm x D 540mm

heavy duty

HD Dual Density

W 530mm x D 480mm

HD Dual Density Deep Wide

W 560mm x D 540mm

Contour Moulded 

W 550mm x D 500mm

Bariatric 250 Seat

W 700mm x D 550mm

Bariatric 300 Seat

W 910mm x D 550mm

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